David M. Robinson


BFA - Emily Carr University

Born in the mountains of eastern British Columbia David was exposed to the beauty of nature at a very young age as he was growing up on the coast near and around Powell River (hippie parents, bears, sinking boats, near death etc.) the usual experiences a small boy uses to shape and define himself.

His current incarnation is that of a Ceramic Artist and Designer at his studio in Vancouver's Chinatown district. David's porcelain work explores the divinity of natural and organic forms through multiples. His explorations have touched on the inherent beauty and divine perfection of the organic environment and call into question our relationship to the natural world.

"I don't subscribe to any theological practice in particular but when one considers the perfections and limitless systems found within nature, I think its divinity is hard to deny"

729 Gore Avenue, first floor
Chinatown, Vancouver

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